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Comparing Hemostatic Dressings: QuikClot, NuStat, and Celox

Hemostatic dressings are a crucial part of any first aid kit, especially when dealing with severe bleeding. In such cases, you need to stop the bleeding as quickly as possible to prevent loss of blood and ultimately save a life. To do this, you'll need a good hemostatic dressing. Among the most popular brands are QuikClot, NuStat, and Celox. In this blog post, we will take a closer look at these three brands, compare their features, and help you decide which one is best for your needs.


QuikClot is probably the most well-known hemostatic dressing brand on the market. This brand uses a mineral-based substance to help stop bleeding quickly by promoting clotting. QuikClot is available in different forms, including patches, gauze, and powders. This flexibility makes it ideal for use in different emergency situations, ranging from minor cuts to severe arterial bleeding.


NuStat is another popular hemostatic dressing brand that has gained a considerable following among first responders. Like QuikClot, NuStat is available in patches and gauze forms. What makes this brand stand out, however, is its unique combination of chitosan and kaolin, which promotes clotting by binding with red blood cells. This feature makes NuStat ideal for use in severe injuries and arterial bleeding cases.


Celox is a unique brand of hemostatic dressing that uses chitosan to promote clotting. It is available in gauze and granular forms, which makes it easier to apply in different situations. When Celox comes into contact with blood, it forms a gel-like substance that sticks to the injury site and promotes clotting. Celox works well in severe injuries, including arterial bleeding.


All three brands of hemostatic dressings are highly effective at stopping bleeding quickly and effectively. However, each brand has its unique features and may be more suitable for specific cases. For instance, QuikClot is an excellent choice for people who need the flexibility of using different forms of hemostatic dressings. NuStat is ideal for severe arterial bleeding cases due to its unique binding properties. On the other hand, Celox is great for injuries that are difficult to apply gauze and patches.

To conclude, hemostatic dressings are essential in any emergency medical kit. QuikClot, NuStat, and Celox are excellent brands that you can rely on to stop bleeding quickly and effectively. When deciding which brand to use, consider the specific injury, ease of application, and the type of hemostatic dressing required. By making an informed choice, you could end up saving a life.

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