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Custom First Aid Courses
Tailored to meet your needs


On-Site Group Training

Customized Curriculum

We expertly tailor course content to meet the needs of each student group. Course options include: First Aid, Advanced First Aid, Adult and Infant CPR/AED, Stop The Bleed, Wilderness First Aid, Basic Life Support and more. 

Group Training

Training as a team gives groups an opportunity to receive valuable and necessary skills, while also bonding and getting stronger as a team. Participants practice teamwork, leadership, and communication skills in our hands-on trainings. 

Experienced Instructors

Quality training saves lives. By using the combination of real life EMS experience and a hands-on, engaging teaching style, our instructors provide the best possible first aid education.

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Group Booking

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Group Course Pricing for Basic First Aid/CPR


Up to 8 people: Starting at $712.

This is our group minimum. Each additional student is $89. 


Over 15 people: Starting at $87 per person.


Over 30 people: Starting at $80 per person.


These base price tiers include instruction and certification for:


Adult and Child First Aid, CPR, and AED from American CPR (OSHA Approved).
STOP THE BLEED Training (included at no additional cost).


Additional certifications can also be added to training, depending on organizational needs. If your organization requires a specific certification (Eg. American Red Cross, AHA, ASHI), please let us know so we can accommodate.

Please Note:

*Travel, *last minute scheduling, *late payment, and other fees my be applied. 


*Travel outside of Sacramento

*Last minute is considered 1 week (7 days) or less before desired course date.

*Payment is considered late if it is received after the course has been completed unless agreed upon beforehand.


Epinephrine Administration

Get trained in how to administer and carry life-saving medication in case of anaphylactic shock.




Be prepared to intervene in the case of an opioid overdose, and administer lifesaving medication.

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Jim, Fire Chief 

You always deliver 5 Stars!!!

Taylor, Merryhill Elementary 

Thank you again for helping us on such short notice!

Anna-Marie, Uplift Martial Arts

It was great learning from you! 

Amazing class, thank you for spreading the knowledge to Stop the Bleed & save lives

Zach, Local Guide

[Capital City CPR] provided some invaluable education when it comes to stopping the bleed. As an avid shooter and a concerned citizen I think that it is crucial for citizens to be knowledgeable in some preventative measures to stop the bleed. Seconds are valuable and being equipped with the knowledge and know how can save somebody from bleeding out. Ryan is very passionate about his craft and it shows in his instruction. I highly recommend taking his courses because you will be equipped with knowledge to save the life of those around you even yourself.

Brad, Geologist

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