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Nonprofit Organization First Aid Training Scholarships Now Available

Sacramento Area Nonprofits Can Apply for Free/Low-Cost First Aid/CPR Training

Many workplaces are mandated to have First Aid/CPR training. We want to help.

Capital City CPR LLC started with the mission to provide the best First Aid/CPR training in Sacramento, and to make it accessible to the community.

Since we started teaching free courses in East Portal Park in 2022, we have taught over 70 free STOP THE BLEED® courses. We have done this by using profit generated during our 5-star onsite courses for many amazing local companies and using that profit to pay for the time and materials required to offer free trainings.

A group of men practice apply tourniquets to themselves during a first aid course.
Teichert Mining staff practicing with Tourniquets. Photo by Poema Collective. Courses like these help to fund our free/at-cost training.

With dozens of free trainings offered, we want to further our commitment to the community by offering free or at-cost training to our local non-profits.

Nonprofit Organization Training Scholarship

Using the same business model as our open enrollment courses, we are aiming to better serve the organizations in Sacramento that do so much important work for our communities. We hope to provide 12 courses* to non-profits annually, either completely free or for a small fee depending on their training and certification needs.

*Courses are limited to either STOP THE BLEED or STB+First Aid/CPR.

How to Apply

If you know of a group that may be interested, please direct them to our 'At Your Location' page and have them fill out the course request form. As of now, only 501(c)(3) Nonprofits are eligible for free/at-cost training.

If you would like to aid in our continued effort to make high-quality training accessible, there is no better way than to use us to fulfill your medical training needs!

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