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The Most Memorable Workplace CPR and First Aid Training

Construction employee learning CPR and First Aid

If you've ever experienced a dull workplace training, we have great news for you: Our hands-on, engaging and custom tailored CPR, First Aid and Stop the Bleed course will be the most memorable training that you've ever taken.

As more and more workplaces are requiring that employees get emergency response training, Capital City CPR is up to the task of teaching a course that will shake the stereotype of a boring routine workplace seminar. We pride ourselves on being able to engage even the most reluctant participants! Everyone in your group will leave feeling excited, energized and fully prepared to handle an emergency.

Here's what to expect if you book a course with us:

Employee CPR and First Aid Training

1. Custom Training: No matter what your organization is, whether it be a school, office or construction company, our courses include discussion and planning for specific potential scenarios that could occur in your workplace.

hands-on CPR First Aid teacher

2. Energetic Teaching: Our instructors are experienced medical professionals and are highly passionate about emergency medical care. As a result, our teaching style is energetic, collaborative and exciting. Expect both humor AND gravitas.

hands-on Stop the bleed training

3. Hands-On Scenarios: You won't be stuck in a chair for 4 hours, we put what you are learning to the test. There is no better way to learn than by putting your knowledge into action. Our classes include an array of activities and hands-on materials (sometimes fake blood!) that make the experience feel as real as possible.

Construction Workers Emergency CPR First Aid training

4. Increased Camaraderie: Your team will have to work together, problem solve, discuss potential situations and become more aware of the safety of one another. The discussion time and active teamwork will strengthen the bond between the members of your group, and create valuable memories.

We believe every workplace should be prepared in case of a medical emergency. Among those we have taught are: teachers, child care workers, firefighters, construction workers, loggers, hunters, volunteer first responders, office workers, hikers, electricians, activists, fitness instructors, gun range employees and security guards.

If you're looking for the best workplace CPR and First Aid Training to engage and prepare your employees, please reach out to book a course unlike any you've taken before!

Construction workers Emergency CPR First Aid Training

Capital City CPR is proud to teach Skills that Save Lives to electrician companies, construction companies, logging companies, schools, colleges, and outdoor education companies across Northern California.

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