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The Truth about Capital City CPR

Since summer of 2022, we have been teaching weekly, free STOP THE BLEED® courses. Initially setting up in public parks, we made a commitment to provide Sacramento with this life-saving skillset -- and we are sticking to it. Our vision is that anyone who wants to learn STOP THE BLEED®, can do so with minimal barriers.

Here's where you come in: We use profits from group trainings to fund our free STOP THE BLEED® courses. We aren't a non-profit, which means we aren't eligible for grants or large private donations. In order to continue offering courses, we have to make profit as a business.

When large groups hire us to come provide high-quality and engaging training at their locations, they are directly contributing to the continuation of our free community courses. We are also expanding our bleeding control kit sales - targeting large corporations who need to purchase dozens of kits, along with wall mounted boxes to keep them in, all to help maintain our mission. If you know of any groups in need of bleeding control kits or any type of first aid training, ranging from basic CPR to more advanced courses or even Wilderness First Aid, please send them our way! And if you are a part of a large group who has already trained with us -- we wouldn't be here without you. Thank you. Thank you all for your interest in Skills That Save Lives and in making these skills available to everyone.

Ryan Armstrong, EMT Director/Lead Instructor

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