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AB2260 Compliant Bleeding Control Kits For Sale

We are excited to announce that we are now a licensed vendor of premium bleeding control kits. These kits contain life-saving tools, which are all backed by years of data and testing.

About the Kits

The content of each kit meets or exceeds requirements for AB2260, California's new "Stop The Bleed" Law.

One Kit Includes:

1 Nylon Case

1 North American Rescue CAT tourniquet

1 QuikClot Bandage

1 6-Inch Trauma Banage

2 Packages of Wound Packing Gauze

2 Hyfin Vented Chest Seals

1 Emergency Blanket

2 Pairs Nitrile Gloves

1 Trauma Shears

1 Mini Permanent Marker

These kits are available for purchase via our website!

About the Law and Compliance

If you are unfamiliar with AB2260, it mandates that every non-residential building built in California after Jan 1st, 2023, must have kits such as these. The recommendation is currently 6 kits per building. We also offer signage and wall-mounted storage boxes for these kits, to make them easily accessible during an emergency.

Along with the kits, the law requires that once a year, the people who use the building must have access to training such as a STOP THE BLEED® course. Capital City CPR LLC is proud to be a licensed educational provider for STOP THE BLEED®. This license is a direct partnership between Capital City CPR LLC and the US Department of Defense.

Covering All of Your Needs

We aim to make the transition into compliance with this new law as smooth as possible, providing engaging and high-quality training, kits, and even installation of storage boxes - covering all of the needs for your workplace. Many groups choose to combine STOP THE BLEED® training with First Aid/CPR/AED training, giving your team a large toolkit of life-saving skills and getting them familiar with the resources they have available.

If you'd like an estimate for getting your group trained at your location, fill out the form here.

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